aceTRANSFORM is a sustainable solution to weight loss and designed to show results in the short, medium and long term

With its fresh new look and content, our programme is designed to build the basis of a life-long transformation. By signing up, you are not buying into a meal plan – we find that these are not sustainable in the long term, so there are higher chances of un-doing all the progress within a short time.

You are investing in a long-term mindset revolution. In just a few weeks you will understand exactly the mechanics behind weight loss and we’ll work into incorporating small changes into your everyday life, so that you’ll be able to continue on your own after the end of the programme, should you wish to do so.

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Nutrition advice

With our guidance and your commitment, you could lose up to 10% of your body weight!

  • Top nutrition advice and tips
  • Learn to gain control over food
  • No food is banned
  • Sample nutrition plans for inspiration

Training plan

Training includes 3 weight and 2 cardio sessions a week – you decide when and where to train

  • 6 new circuits every 4 weeks, max 30 mins per workout
  • Train along workout videos
  • Swap a session for a gym class if you prefer
  • 10,000 steps daily target

Our support all the way

Make the most of a WhatsApp group with like-minded individuals and coaches

  • Enjoy the benefits and motivation of a group
  • Share tips and advice, get and give support
  • Immediate access to the help you need
How the programme works

Fill in your questionnaire

This is essential for us to understand a bit about you and your lifestyle. You’ll also be able to tell us about any conditions or injuries that you may have so that we can take them into account

Get yourself organised

We will provide you a brief list of free apps to download and give you some advice on equipment that you may want to purchase if you intend to train from home and not at a gym.

Receive your programme

Our nutritionists and personal trainers will put together the perfect plan for you and they will send you a digital copy ahead of the start.


At the end of the programme, we will give you different support options for you to choose from, including joining a new group at a discounted price.