Our main aim at ace is to transform your body and, most importantly, your mindset.

If, like so many of our clients, you have tried many diets only to put all the weight back on with interest, we feel you! The reason for this is those “diets” show you methods for creating a calorie deficit, without the education. If you don’t understand how it works then of course you are bound to get lost and fall back into your old habits.

If you have completed your aceTRANSFORM programme, you loved it and its results, why not carry on with aceMAINTAIN?

Our aceTRANSFORMEES love the support network that we create as this ensures accountability, help and guidance. We’ve seen beautiful friendships being born and still growing strong! This support network is something we are extremely proud of and that makes ace so special.

For those who have completed our aceTRANSFORM programme and are ready to maintain their progress, but feel like they still need someone in their corner, we have created our exclusive aceMAINTAIN support group!

What do you get?

  • You’ll be part of a small WhatsApp group with other like-minded aceTRANSFORMEES, as well as our coaches
  • Continued coaching and guidance to carry on with/maintain your fat loss
  • Step accountability – we wouldn’t want you to get lazy!
  • Continued access to our train-along workout videos